Money,Money and only Money

Posted by Pragathish

When I think about success and glory,pretty obviously what comes to my mind is Money.
They say,'Money isn't everything',but on a more pragmatic note '
Money is everything'.When I say 'everything',I mean just everything in this world.

This whole,so called Mother Earth revolves around Money.And thats one big fact,that I fecking hate.
I hate the fact that everybody's one and only aim,with me not being an exception,is to run behind Money.

Money gives you glory.Money gives you fame.Money gives you success.Money lets you do whatever,just whatever you want.And no wonder,every man,every simple man,wants glory,success,fame,and of course,power.
Money makes people mad.We drool over money,just like zombies drool over brains.Zombies are atleast better.

Money makes people obsessed.Makes them greedy.Rich men want more money,more.There's virtually no end to this desire.The desire is infinite.The desire makes us insane.Give him some million millions,and you'll see him wanting more,drooling over.

Money,not to be forgotten,gifts you respect.
I could see criminal,heartless and selfish twats,disguised as Rich men,swimming in the golden pool of respect.Do they deserve that?Certainly not.
I could see caring,warm-hearted,plain great people,labelled 'poor' being not given a damn,and respect is a thing which is least sprayed at those Graceful hearts.

For this one reason,I sometimes feel that this world should come to an end.The whole world must be destroyed.
Call me a conspiracy theorist,I care the least.Think over this over and over,and you'll find my statements inch perfect.

I need a new world,a new system.Richness should be measure in terms of love and the warmth of the heart,and should not be measured with the amount of that 'dope-paper'

Quiet obviously,its impossible to happen.
So,I go on,and remain as a mad-man chasing that thing which makes people drooling endlessly.