The state of Pragathish

Posted by Pragathish

Ahem,hi all,I'm sure you are on the verge of leaving me and almost are confirm that I'm dead.

This is not bad at all,you are completely normal and sane.
But no,you are wrong.I am not dead yet.,I am still alive and kicking! (duh,sorry,I had to use that cliché.I think it explains my case very well.)

So,why,you evil gypsy,the blog hasn't been updated?

Hear me explain.
I am stumbled by the World Cup Fever and School Fever,at the same time.It feels weird.

As you might have known,I'm a massive fan of Football and its my biggest passion.Now that the World Cup is on,I am glued to my good ol' TV and trying to enjoy every match.

Sounds sweet,eh?

No.I suppose you should hear my whole story.
I am almost sure that my shoulders are carrying the heaviest load of its life time.Now at the final and the most important year at my school,I am wanted by many to study,and secure wondrous marks,and hence secure my Life (duh).
I am chasing The Mighty Time,and obviously its insanely faster than me.

I could see my Pen forlorn and sad,so long it has visualized my mind in paper.Poor little thing..

But I promise,I'll try to write and post,when I manage to get some time and when I could drag myself away from the World Cup gizmos.

Till then,Peace and Love,