Time Machine

Posted by Pragathish

Time Machine

Oh time machine!Oh time machine!I need you so bad,
Can you get me back to the days when I was happy all day,
Back when disasters never dared to be in my way..

To those days when my face was loaded with laughter and just laughter,
(Now well,it got acne,pimple and all the other matter)
Oh,when catastrophe was a word unheard,
(Now it's so close that it shares my bed)
Back when the utmost desire was a cotton candy,
(Now,my desire never ever die,me,so namby pamby)
Back when,back when I was so puny and puked 'em all out.
(Now I"m so big,strong and all,they stay in and run riot)

Oh my good time machine,my Life ain't so good these days,
Happiness,Happiness....they are far too away,
So atleast let me fast forward into the future,
Just to find out if it's any better.
Or,please,let me trace back and stay good and younger.
Or let me stride to the very end to end this chapter once and forever!