Musings of a random Dreamer

Posted by Pragathish

Musings of a random Dreamer

The sky's blue,clouds are foamy,the sun's hot,
And I'm--what?
Ah,that's what makes me special
or maybe worthless,being real.
Oh,I hate being real-
What's the point,it is blatant and got no appeal.
As 'tis a beautiful life we live,hear,
don't let nobody advise otherwise.
God,I'm surrounded by them,the realists-
faces sly and hearts dried.
They peck me,and my dreams and my pride
I'm hounded all way around,
Outnumbered and overwhelmed.
No!But I'm not done yet,
'cause I'm not a fucking rabbit,
but a man,with will and grit,
and I'll stand and fight and fight and fight.