How to be nice and outspoken in Twitter

Posted by Pragathish

"Its nice to be nice" its the universal truth,and no wonder it goes for Twitter too.Being nice is the best way to stop people from un-following you,obviously they don't want meanies and bad-asses as their buddies.

People often misunderstand and think being nice means being introverted and jailing your ideas into your mind.
Definitely it isn't the truth.Outspoken people often find it difficult to nice,and are forced to cage their thoughts for the sake of being nice.I was once like this,until I found a way to be nice as well as be candid.
So,how to be nice without confining your mind?

Its now as hard as you might imagine.I actually have some 'codes' which you could add to your tweets which would turn your tweets nicer like magic!
Here is the list:

  • :P

Add this code to the final part of your tweet,and find the meaner parts get washed away.
"Your such a waker :P"
"Please stop bitching about Bieber! :P"
(Variations: ;P ;-P)

  • :D     
Again to add this to your final part.Works like magic,you are no longer a meanie!
"Oh,you are the most perfect douchebag! :D"
"Stop tweeting shit,can you? :D"
(Variations: ;D ;-D)

  • <3    
Most recommended.Does more magic than the others.You are the nicest tweep there is after adding this code.
"You are a complete idiot! <3"
"Just shut the fuck up! <3"
(Variations: <33 <333)

Tweeps,now that you have learned the simple art of being nice and outspoken,never,ever be a meanie/rudie anymore.
Use anyone of these codes.Be nice.