One Golden cure to Insomnia

Posted by Pragathish

Insomnia- I believe I don't need to give explanation for this sleep disorder,so called.Everyone of you would have probably enjoyed insomnia several times.I being a hard-core insomniac,believe this is the most annoying thing in the universe,next to chemistry.
Not being too scientific,I'm forced to state that Sleep Deprivation could prove FATAL!

"Every Endless nights,has a dawning day.."-they say.But what to do till the sun goes up?
The rules are hard-and-fast in my house-strictly no no to internet and TV after 11.I roll,turn over and try every possible sleeping posture,but no cigar.Dang it.

I have did many practical researches to find an answer to eradicate this annoyance,and one fine day  night I came up with a genius of a solution,which would enable me to sleep like I'm in the school.
My long research included some ol' school techniques like 'counting from 0 to infinity','sit and sleep','change in postures','never open you eyes' which eventually never worked.

So,What is that Golden cure?

Yes,your school books works wonders.Now the next time you can't sleep,waste no time to hit your school bag,grab a text-book and start reading like mad.
And,hey presto,the next day you'll find yourself exactly like this:

According to my research,exactly after the 10th minute of scanning your book,you reach this heavenly state of pacific sleep.
Please don't thank me for discovering this epic solution,its my duty as an insomniac.

(P.S. Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry books work are recommended for best results)

Sweet dreams!