Monday Morning

Posted by Pragathish

It was one fine,if not un-usual monday morning,I woke up at ridiculously early morning 6 o' clock.I remember setting up my alarm at 8 AM to give a was a quiet unbelievable monday morning.I was sincerely brushing my teeth,giving some brisk strokes.

Shortly after finishing the teeth-cleaning-procedure,the phone rang.Oddly enough,it was my class  teacher giving the ring.

I was puzzled,though managed to pick it up,and said
"Good Morning,sire!","Good Morning,pragathish.You don't need to come to school today,I got the information that our school's boiler had broke.Make sure you spend the time studying,don't waste the precious time!" he said on the other side,quiet sternly.

I was awestruck;the news was almost unthinkable.But,hey presto,what a wondrous news!Throw a party!When I was just about to tweet this legendary stuff,my phone blared even louder,with a tone which was not my ringtone...
"ITS 8 ALREADY,AND YOUR SLEEPING!WAKE UP,CAN'T YOUR EARS HEAR THE ALARM'S NOISE!!" yelled my mother with a brobdingnagian voice,which pulled my head away from the woolgather.

"Oh,fuck,its monday!" I mourned,dragging out myself from the bed.