8 things to do after your team's loss

Posted by Pragathish

We all have witnessed our beloved team getting humiliated by its Epic Rivals,affectionately called by us as 'Scumbags'.
As a football obsessive,and an ardent AC Milan devotee,life is sick and hard.This season we got humiliated twice,thanks to injuries and a cocky owner,and so on.

Ahem,okay,I'll come to the point-Here are the top 8 things to do after your team get embarrassed,and you feel like committing a suicide:

  • The Incredible Hulk
Unleash the devil resting in you,and if you don't have one,pretend to do so.Mercilessly smack everything you could see.
Yes,living things too.And when they say "Its just a game!",a shiny bat at their face should do the trick.

  • Optimism is the key
Try optimism.When I say 'Optimism',I mean ultra-optimism.
List out all the upsides of the game,ahem,if you got no upsides,wait no time to make up one by yourself,just like all the coaches use to do.
Sing your team's chant as many times you can,and shout 'I'm still a happy man!'.

  • Rant,Rant,Rant
Pessimism works too.Again,ultra-pessimism,that is.
Start ranting,the game has hell loads of downsides for you to rant.Rant mercilessly the guy sitting next to you to death.

"Oh,why is life soo cruel only to me?Why is our team always doesn't have any luck?Why?I shouldn't have supported this team..how did they lose?Look at that team,they play well.Not like us.Stupid coach,why did he sub Ronaldinho?Even I could manage the team well.How did he miss that goal?Even I should have put it in...*sniff**sniff*......."

  • The Flame Game
Unleash the devil in you,online.Opposite team douchebaggy supporters mock and make fun,what can you do?Flame war!A little bit of fire will remove the sorrow.Go for it,son!

"You are a f**kin c**t,just f**k off and look up whats hanging around in your a**.F**king losers,we are still winner,you cheating b****ds go f**k yourself!!!"

  • The Blame Game
Start by blaming the referees for bad decisions,and slowly start blaming everything you can,may it be lack of luck,or the opponent team's luck.
Yes,the opponents have cheated,they have bribed the refs.That goal was offside.Or it maybe the pitch.Yes.
We deserved to win.We were the better side.

  • Denial
What?Nothing happened.Our team just had a slip,that is it.Doesn't mean the end of world right?There's always a next year.
*Sings his team's chant,standing on his chair*

  • Hibernate
Good thing that most of the matches are at night.Waste no time in hitting your bed,clear up your mind and drive your mind towards a peaceful sleep.And hey presto,wake up tomorrow as a happy man!

  • Hit the bar
Believe me,I haven't tried this yet.But I've heard some of my friends hitting the bar and gulp loads of beer,right after the loss.They say "Its the beauty of alcoholism"
So,yeah,hit a bar,go for some pints of beer,booze up,and wake up the next day,as a new man,a happy man.

  • Cry,Cry,Cry again
Probably the most obvious one.But,contrary to your belief,it works wonders.Use your tears to wash off your worries.
Hit the restroom,shed tears till your heart's contend,and comeback as a new man,again,as a happy man!