Facing it..

Posted by Pragathish

Facing it..

Over the path of life,here I go,
Everything fine,all is well,but,wait,Oh,
All of a sudden,Twisters and Tornadoes make fun;
Demolishing everything it can.
I'm no exception,
So is my determination.

An impossible test to pass,
Edging close,Edging close;
Sure I'll have to face.
Heart beating like bad,
My confidence turns a nomad.
Wish I could run away,like a bum;
No way,as my chances are slim.

Face it like a man!
Fight it to the bone!
Well,self-motivations doesn't seem to work,
Duh,what a poor bloke!
Pessimism won't work either;
Nothing gonna' make my fear any lesser.
So I throw it all,
Stand alone,and tall!

The dreadful storm is over,
Happiness and Peace,spreading all over!
So,I go on,
On and on,mean,like a man.