Fuck you,chemistry!

Posted by Pragathish

If you have managed to fully come through my bio,you would have noticed me hinting chemistry as the hardest.Thats only half the truth,Chemistry is the fucking hardest ever,and I just fucking hate it more than anything.(yes,more than I hate reality shows.)
Sorry for the excessive use of beautiful language,I just can't help-chemistry are bollocks.

I'm not sure why I'm namby-pamby and get everytime pwned by chemistry,maybe I'm too cool for that shit.I've heard people sucking at Mathematics,or sometimes Physics,but for me,they are as easy as passing a loose stool.
Its bollocks.Simple.
I understand nothing.My teacher tries the level best,and I try my level best,and eventually end up getting caught for sleeping in the class.

The day before the chemistry exam,I have a super-swarm of killer butterflies flying like mad in my tummy.My hands just tremble,and I shiver like a nude eskimo.

I attend several self-improvement courses in my mind,and stand up like a man,take long breathes,and like a warrior readying for a battle,I take my Chemistry book in my hand,and start scanning.

No wonder,they are more comfy than my pillows.
And next?I write the exams.Ahem,actually 'we'.(team work,yay!)That doesn't help much,though.
To add to the agony,I just forget even the easiest questions,and end up discovering my own equations.How evil?

Chemistry is harder than the hardest.Its a fucking disgrace to humanity.Its pure stupidity.Its nothing.Its the ultimate form of insanity.Its the most boring thing a teen could face.Its the reason for poverty.It will be the reason for this world's end.

If I were God,I'd ban this evil for making teens go insane,and for taking over our good lives.

Dear Chemistry,so please stop bitching me and fuck off from my life.Go to the farthest place away from me,and stay there,never ever return.
With Loads of hatred,
(True,happening story,nothing exaggerated.)